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I’m Dave Collins, AKA whateverSauce - welcome to my blog! I created this site during a break between jobs for a few reasons. First, I’m interested in information security. In fact, last week I celebrated my second full year working in offensive security and just passed my seventh year working in IT. I’ve written on other platforms including as well as some blog posts for my last company. I also wrote quite a bit during a break from working in tech when I studied history and philosophy eventually earning BA degrees in both and a Master’s degree in history. My academic work was on the intellectual history of anarchism and the labor movement in the United States. I was interested in trying to find an answer to the question, “what happened to the anarchist movement in the United States?” This has also guided my research after grad school as well, including a talk I gave at Sparklecon VI.

My goal for this blog, in addition to learning about the possibilities of breaking static HTML websites in specific but web development in general, is to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained in my time in security. I know there are tons of blogs out there - many of them written by security professionals with amazing skills. If nothing else, this blog will serve as reference for me. When I get stuck with something and finally figure it out, I’m going to put it here so if I get stuck in a similar way again, I can just come back here and check it out.

Also, when I told my mentor about landing my dream job he told me to pay it forward. He said I should mentor someone, and I plan on doing that. However, I can’t mentor everyone. So for those I don’t have time to directly mentor, this blog will act as a proxy to mentor on my behalf. So be cool with the information I provide here. Don’t use it for evil, pwn for good!

Anyway, if you dig this blog and junk, give me a follow on Twitter and let me know. Click here for the next post.