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(Old - 3) Some stuff I've learned about Jekyll in a few days of mucking around


It’s your pal sauc3, back again for the third day in a row. I wanted to share with you a little bit of the stuff I’ve learned about Jekyll in the first few days of messing around. I was going to share some stuff I’ve learned about git as well but I’m going to save that for a future post when I’ve got a bit more confidence in what I’m doing. Anyway, here are a few things I’ve learned about Jekyll, in no particular order.

Themes are a bit of a hassle

One of the first things I thought I read about Jekyll was that it was difficult to set up. I was feeling pretty smart when I had managed to get a basic site up and running in my first day, while at the same time learning git. I became much more frustrated when I tried to change the default theme and the page broke. I had (what I thought was) a smart though this morning, to clone the repo for a theme I like (hacker) and then add my changes to that. This worked out pretty nicely, but I still have a few tweaks to the theme I want to sort out before I’m totally happy though.

Write a bash alias for annoying tasks

Something that quickly got on my nerves when I was making a bunch of commits was typing the phrase “git push -u origin master” over and over again. So I added a quick line to my ~/.bashrc profile to make an alias such that whenever I type gp it executes the command for me. Below is a sample of what that code looks like, if you’ve never updated your .bashrc file just type the following

bash vim ~/.bashrc

Once inside the file, add the following line:

alias gp='git push -u origin master'

then all you’ll need to do to update your repo is type gp. I’m planning on having more extensive tips and tricks for GNU/Linux later, so keep an eye out for that.

Now for something completely different

I’m splitting up my vacation time between this blog and porting an exploit to Metasploit. I hope to have a blog post on that subject as well.

For now, I’m going to leave it here. It’s dinner time and I’m going to go wolf down some food.


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