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Weekly update for the week ending 4/19/20

Welcome back, Internet friend!

Howdy Internet friend, and welcome back to my blog! Before I begin, I want to give greetz to my pal Parsia who shared some cool tips over Twitter about Hugo that I found very helpful! As usual, I also want to give props to my pal @cetolyne who is a great friend and very helpful in all things programming. Finally, greetz to null coder who is new to Twitter but doing really cool things and I highly suggest giving all of them a follow! In this weekly update I am going to share with you some of the cool stuff I did last week, as well as some of my goals for the coming week. Last week, I made a list for myself of all the goals I wanted to accomplish this week:

  1. Start work on the enumeration project
  2. Contribute to the project I’m working on with Acetolyne (if possible)
  3. Look at fixing the issue with the blog on mobile
  4. Put in more work building out the outline of the MUD
  5. Work through more Go tutorials
  6. Write an outline of next week’s blog post
  7. Find a free and open source project to contribute bug fixes to

I have been unable so far to figure out how to put a strike through in an unordered list, but I’ve added it to my list of things to figure out if it can be done for the week. Instead, I’m going to use headings to talk about what I did and didn’t accomplish, so that way I can still use strike throughs!

Start work on enumeartion project & contribute to project with Acetolyne

I was not able to accomplish these goals last week, for one reason or another. It’s alright though, because I knew that the list was lofty and I wouldn’t be able to get to everything.

Look at fixing the issue with the blog on mobile

I made progress on this goal, although it isn’t quite complete yet. I think the issue has to do with how the website renders on mobile browsers, and I thought my solution worked, but more work is required here to get it all the way resolved.

Put in more work building out the outline of the MUD

I also made progress here, getting closer to having a final outline done. My plan is to do a big write up explaining everything I want to code first, then just coding by the diagram. I never started making outlines for papers until graduate school, and once I did I found it to be much easier to write. I’m hoping the same will hold true for this as well, but only time will tell. I will continue to provide updates about this method and compare it to my contributions to other projects and see if there are any differences.

Work through more Go tutorials

This was another goal I was able to accomplish. I purchased a Udemy course on sale and have been spending some time working through it. I’m not very far in yet, but I will share more impressions and a more thorough write up when I finish the course.

Outline of this blog post and find a FOSS project to contribute to~~

These last two I was also not able to accomplish, though I did make some progrss on the last objective. I wanted to do more research before jumping in, but I have a few ideas of projects to contribute to. I also didn’t write an outline for this post, although I did use the list from last week in writing this post, so I would consider each of these tasks 50% completed. I’m trying to be more generous to myself and I’m going to count this as a win!

Summary of the week

As you can (imagine that you can) see above, I didn’t quite complete half the things that I had on my list. Overally, I accomplished roughly half of my lofty goals, so I’ve got that going for me! (Bonus points if you get that reference.) As I mentioned above, I’m trying to be more generous with myself, so I will count this as a good week!

So as far as this week goes, here is what I am hoping to accomplish:

  1. Continue working on the Udemy course on Go I purchased last week
  2. Additional work on expanding the MUD outline
  3. Continue looking for a free/open source project to contribute bug fixes to
  4. Work on projects with friends
  5. Figure out if it is possible to put a strike through in an unordered list in Markdown
  6. More work on fixing the issue with this blog on mobile
  7. Spend more time trying to finish the outline for the MUD

I hope that this shorter list will make it easier to accomplish more of my goals. Even if it doesn’t, it should at least provide an outline for my weekly update next week.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, Internet friend! If you are feeling so inclined, perhaps you should consider making a list for yourself of all you’d like to accomplish in a week and come back and check on your progress in a week? Obviously you don’t have to, I just know that I’ve been struggling during the pandemic/isolation to find the motivation to work on projects and having a list made it easier for me to get stuff done. Regardless, I hope you have a very nice week!

I wanted to add one last thing. I was able to resolve my Markdown issue with the help of this cheatsheet if you get stuck doing Markdown or just want a little refresher, I’d suggest checking that out!

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