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(Very short) Weekly Update

Welcome back

Howdy internet friend! This weekly update post is going to be short and sweet because I am writing this surrounded by boxes - I’m in the process of moving my family and when I have a further update, I will share it.

I just want to say that Black Lives Matter and below is the list I share most weeks of a list of people I suggest you follow on Twitter, if you don’t already. Mostly I just wanted to post twelve weeks in a row and the real weekly update will come later in the week. Until then, thanks for coming back and I hope you have a very nice day! One last note, if you are an information security professional or would like to be one day, spend some time improving your writing skill. Even as short as fifteen minutes a day writing a short story will help you improve your writing skills. Most of what an information security professional will deliver to a client is a report. So the more time you spend getting good at writing and getting to the point that you like it, the better prospects for your future career.

With that in mind, I hope you have an awesome day and here are some people you might consider following on TWitter:

People to follow

Here are some tech and non-tech people you might consider following.

Martin Luther King III - The son of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bernice King - The daughter of Dr. King

@cetolyne - great friend, awesome programmer, super helpful!

@blenster - cool maker, very positive, well worth a follow!

@GWeessies - very smart person doing interesting research!

Marley - first place champ! Marley is one of the best on Twitter!

Null Coder - another awesome person to keep an eye on!

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