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Weekly Update, December 7, 2020

Greetz internet friend and welcome back to this weekly update post. Once again I’m going to try to keep it short because I’m slammed this morning, so let’s started!


I don’t have much to say about politics other than I am tired of the Republicans not standing up to Donald Trump. I thought their whole thing was about winning, and all they have been doing for the last four weeks are being exactly the crybaby losers they accuse Democrats and leftists of being. It feels like one of those things where they are once again projecting, and I’m pretty sick of it all.

I want to Democrats to have some gumption and put their food down. It is time to stand up to the bullies and say enough is enough! They need to stop screwing around and get out an aid package, because people are hurting. This is not a partisan issue, PEOPLE ARE STARVING AND THEY NEED HELP! We elected them to fight, not be losers. It is time for them to start getting serious.

I am not going to rant any more, but I am so sick of this crap from politicians and it needs to stop like yesterday!

Black Lives Matter

This is another section that I don’t have lots to say about, but still want to bring up and remind everyone reading that Black Lives Matter! Listen to BIPOC, seek them out, and be open-minded to what they have to say. I bet if we were quiet, we could learn something.


Last week was great, in that I had the opportunity to finish a project and do some training. I’ve also got a huge opportunity this week, so keep your virtual fingers crossed for me!


I’ve been spending a bunch of time making art lately. I’ve been working on painting and writing songs. Of course, the biggest news from last week was that I accomplished a bucket list got of writing a 60,000 word novel in one month!

I still have more work to do and an entire round of editing, but I feel like I can do anything after writing a 171 page novel that is currently at 60,018 words! My goal was to just write the first 30,000 words that month, but I ended up writing the last 35,000 words in the final week.

When I tell you that anything is possible, believe me! I have so many examples from my life of doing things that seem impossible, but I am living proof they can happen.

One final thing, I know that some of your InfoSec types will raise your eyebrows at this, but I started a TikTok channel a few weeks ago so I can share the music I’m making and collaborate with other artists. If you want to check out the stuff I’ve been doing, you can find my profile by searching for whatever_sauce

People to follow

As I do every week, here are some tech and non-tech people you might consider following on Twitter.

Martin Luther King III - The son of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bernice King - The daughter of Dr. King

@cetolyne - great friend, awesome programmer, super helpful!

@blenster - cool maker, very positive, well worth a follow!

@GWeessies - very smart person doing interesting research!

Marley - first place champ! Marley is one of the best on Twitter!

Null Coder - another awesome person to keep an eye on!

@EvilMog - creator of the DC MUD and an interesting person to follow.

TrakoZG – an internet friend who tweets excellent things

Sofia Rune – brilliant scholar who shares things that are both insightful and valuable

MildThrone – up and comer with a small following for now, but I think this account is on the rise!

Johnny B. Ill – Brilliant musician with wisdom to share for those smart enough to listen

That’s it for this week, internet friend! Thanks for checking it out and I hope you have a very nice day and a most excellent week,


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